Four years ago I closed down my personal Facebook account for (the second) and final time. I'd had enough of staring at people's perfect pictures, perfect days out, perfect jobs, families, holidays... I'd had enough of people whinging about what they did or didn't have. Who and what had upset them. Trying to talk in code and being blatant at the same time. I am not a pessimist, a grouch, a jealous person. I just came to the realisation that it was all nonsense. It dawned on me that, I too, had started filtering my life. Posting a rose-tinted version of my existance. This was not the truth. This was not me. I decided it was time

to stop.


A lot of the material in this Blog is based on the realities of every day life: burning the dinner, shouting at the kids, putting my foot in it. This is the life that I want to share with you. It's not picture perfect. It's full of arguments, struggles, unpleasant experiences and, most importantly, humour. This is what I would personally like to read more of on social media - more truth. A bit of moral support for each other. A bit of empathy and understanding. A bit of honesty and transparency.


Real life is very rarely displayed on social media and it can become quite depressing scrolling through endless perfection. I have been through many periods of anxiety and depression in my life, often fuelled by an idea of what I thought I should be achieving and aspiring to. After a particularly bad patch roughly four years ago, I began to seek a new approach and outlook on life. I found I was a lot happier without the intrusion of social media, but, like many people, I enjoy sharing with my friends, supporting one another, offering advise and asking for it in return and that's what I'd like this Blog to be about. So, if you still wish to carry on reading, then allow me to say "Welcome and  I do hope you'll enjoy..."

Clare xx

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