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In which I appreciate my surroundings

The beauty of my local area is quite remarkable. I frequently stop mid-run to take a photo of charming scenery and I'd like to share a few of them with you now...

I was scrolling through Instagram earlier and came across a photo posted by a local woman, who had set her alarm for 3.40am this morning, just to head to the top of one of our many local hills and watch the sunrise. Her pictures were absolutely stunning, receiving many compliments for their beauty. Our local Facebook group is full of photos of our town, the beach and sea, sunsets, sunrises, trails, fields, woods (and the odd whinge about Dominic Cummings). It seems that many of us enjoy marvelling at the loveliness of our local area. It never gets boring and we know we are extremely lucky.

In this time of lockdown, we have been encouraged to take notice of our surroundings. Many a time I have found myself extremely thankful for our back yard. It's not huge, but it's big enough that the kids have room to play football outside, get in the paddling pool, or have a water fight. The Husband has room for his golf net at the bottom of the garden, where he can practice his swing behind the shed, in the hopes that I'll forget he's there, and stop asking him to come and help me prepare dinner or untie the Son's laces on his football boots. Most households in our town are lucky enough to possess some form of outside space, and I can't help but feel incredibly sorry for people living in city apartments, who, at best, have a balcony and at worst, no outside area at all. In fact, had we not moved from our two bedroom flat in the heart of town six years ago, the only outdoor space would have been a 6 metre passage leading to the back gate, where we hung out our washing.

From the very beginning of this terrible Covid-19 situation, the Husband and I have been most thankful that we were allowed to go out for an hour exercise every day; both of us choosing to run for up to an hour, at a maximum of three times a week. In this time, we also took the kids out on a bike ride (see previously mentioned post: In which I get left behind) and a couple of short walks; still very hesitant at the thought of exposing them to any dangers, or, indeed, unleashing them on any unwitting passers-by. Since lockdown was eased to allow for unlimited exercise, we have still maintained our tri-weekly runs, but I have now extended one of them to about 10 miles, which takes approximately an hour and three quarters. The huge excitement I felt when we were able to meet one other person from outside of our household and my running partner could help me tackle The Hill!

We are fortunate enough to have many incredible places to explore locally: beaches to clamber over and fossils to hunt, woodland to explore, riverside walks and ruined abbeys. Ancient villages steeped in history: one with a glorious Anglo-Saxon Castle; boasting a water mill and stunning gardens. The local church has an ancient Well to explore, and there are plenty of farms to watch the cows and sheep. Maybe my love is a result of growing up in the suburbs of outer London, where green open spaces were manmade, and although aesthetically pleasing, don't even begin to compare to the natural beauty of the rolling countryside.

Here are just some of the beautiful scenes I have stopped to capture on my runs...

I'd love to see some of the photos of where you live. Share them in the comments section below.

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