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In which I develop a strange crush

No, this is not my revelation as a lesbian, just an appreciation for an attractive, smart and funny woman...

This may sound a little odd, but I have a huge crush on Serial Killer Villanelle from Killing Eve. For a start, she's a complete kick-ass; no holds barred, takes no prisoners kinda girl. She's smart, sassy and dangerous. Her fashion sense is impeccable, all those stunning designer outfits and shoes! Completely impractical of course, but stunning none-the-less. Oh, to be wardrobe mistress on that set. I've just discovered an entire website dedicated to Villanelle's outfits!

According to Gant News, people fall in love with killers for two reasons: they either believe they can see the "true good" in them, or they're drawn to the spotlight surrounding them. Neither of those are true in my case, besides, she's not even a real person, but as the programme has progressed, we've seen a slightly more vulnerable side to her character. Just what has happened to her to affect her mental state so deeply?

This crush extends to Jodie Comer, the actress portraying Villanelle. Originally from Liverpool, (I've never seen her in any other programme, but I have seen the odd red carpet interview with her), I just cannot believe the range of accents that come from her mouth. Her Russian is excellent, she can converse in French and Italian with ease, but the one that I really applaud is her posh Home Counties accent. Whenever I hear her speak in this dialect, I'm convinced that is her real inflection! Just goes to show what an amazing actress Jodie is. If she can make you fall in love with a serial killer, she's good. To make you empathise with her, she's a genius. Who knows what else she is capable of?

What are your thoughts on Killing Eve? Do you have any similar girl crushes to speak of? Let me know in the comments.

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