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In which I nearly send my Daughter's Teacher a naked photo of her Dad

Updated: May 3, 2020

We had a very narrow escape this morning when I nearly sent a photo of my Husband, just getting out of the shower, to my Daughter's Art Teacher...

Here's a picture of him with his towel draped over his arm, wearing a rather stony expression! All joking aside, it really was a very lucky escape. Although it would of made excellent reading for you all, had I accidentally pressed send, I don't think my Husband could ever of stepped foot in our Daughter's School again. And, for that matter, I'm not sure her Art Teacher would of returned to School after Lockdown either!

This is what happened: As is quite often the way, my Daughter has a loud outburst this morning, when she sits down to the computer and realises that she has an Art Project due in today! We haven't looked at it, thought about it or made any attempt to start it. Cue much hysteria from her and mild panic from myself. "Don't worry" I reassure her. "We'll use this afternoon's English lesson to complete the project." I couldn't face another battle over English Comprehension as it was. So, in my opinion, it was a win/win situation!

The project was to research Indian artwork and patterns and to produce your own piece of art. The Daughter opted for an intricate flower design adorning an Indian Elephant. What we ended up with was more Nelly the Elephant than Ganesha: sacred Hindu Deity of Arts and Science, but the thought was there. After completing her artwork, she was required to take a photo of it and upload it to her Online Classroom. Simple, you might think. Trust me when I say, this is not a one person job! As far as I can work out, the only way to take a photo and upload it, is to use the camera on the front of the laptop.

After much struggling from the Daughter to hold the artwork and press the shutter button at the same time, I was roped in to hold the precious article, whilst she pressed the button. About a millisecond before she clicked, I spotted my Husband on the corner of the computer screen, exiting the shower behind us (we have a small downstairs Bathroom just off the Dining Room where the kids sit for their Home Schooling), stark blooming naked, reaching for his towel. "WOAH!!! What the bloody hell do you think you're doing?" I demand. "Getting out the bloody shower!" he replies. Not that unusual, considering he'd just returned from a run. I quickly crossed my heart and thanked Ganesha that I spotted his surprised face (and much more) before any serious crimes were committed. We retook the image and quickly submitted it before any more disasters could unfold. Phew!

Have you had any similar narrow misses or embarrassing situations involving your kids teachers? Please do share all the gory details in the comments below.

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