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In which the 7 year old makes his first cup of tea

This display of kindness is about as rare as a sighting of the Duchess of Cambridge in her local Aldi, stocking up on post-it notes and a vegetable peeler from the middle aisle...

Today the 7 year old and his Big Sister set up their own Café. It had an enticing menu including milkshake, which consisted of a glass of milk and a magic Nesquik straw, hot drinks, squash, rice pudding and steak & onion flavour crisps. As I was feeling a little under the weather, the 7 year old approached me and asked if I'd like a cup of tea? "Oh yes please Sweetheart, that's very thoughtful of you" I said, impressed by his awareness of my wellbeing.

He goes downstairs to make my tea with his Big Sister to "supervise". Within two minutes I can hear her yelling "no, no, not like that!" I drag myself into the kitchen to see what they're up to. First he had put the teabag straight into the kettle. Then, after being told that the teabag is meant to go in the cup, he rips open the teabag and pours the loose tea into it! I could hardly get mad at him, could I? After all, he never normally has any empathy for me and I didn't want to dampen his spirits! Bless him. God loves a trier...

Have you experienced any similar "Random Acts of Kindness" from your children? Leave me a comment below.

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