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In which the kids have a YouTube obsession

I can't get my head around it at all, but I guess they'd say the same about my viewing habits...

I enjoy period dramas, history and nature documentaries, murder mysteries and gardening programmes. If I do watch YouTube, it normally involves a makeup tutorial or movie outtakes. I also love videos of babies doing cute things and newborn puppies. There's a confession for you! The kids love a good old YouTube video. We have a smart TV, with the YouTube app built in and they like to sit in the living room and watch all kinds of nonsense.

Rich American Families giving us a (not so) sneaky peak into their glamourous lifestyle - "Here's our amazing bathroom that's twice the size of your entire house! Watch us unboxing all our Christmas presents for a whole two hours. Follow us on our day out to Disney World, but we only stick it out for two hours, because it's hot, so we just come home, as we can easily afford to buy tickets to go back again next week!" That sounds a little bitter, doesn't it? I'm not, I just don't understand how the kids can watch it and not feel jealous. Luckily, they don't seem to and I think they're doing an amazing job with that. Although they ask "Mummy, can we have a brand new iPhone?" they do understand that it's just not within our budget. Kudos to them, because whenever I'm in the living room whilst they're watching these videos, I'm almost green with envy at the size of their kitchen and all those gadgets and appliances! Not to mention their Mum's perfect hair, teeth and nails! There's no way she's just woken up like that!

Toy unboxing - In case you're not familiar with this popular occurrence, kids are either gifted, or paid to give live reactions of them unwrapping the latest and most expensive toys and gizmos. Our children will watch this for hours, completely in awe at all the luck these youngsters seem to have in receiving such fine things. What's so exciting about watching someone else opening gifts? They haven't bestowed these gifts on them, so they're not going to get any pleasure from seeing their reactions and they can't have those gifts themselves, because, quite frankly, a playdough shopping mall is messy, impractical and they'll only play with it once before getting bored and treading green dough into the carpet!

Reimagined TV programmes - In case you have somehow managed to escape the tedium that is the reimagined TV show; a narrator gives a running commentary over the top of some stills that he has, most likely, illegally gained from shows such as My Little Pony, Barbie, Sylvanian Families, etc. They tell the story using two tones for all characters, exceedingly deep, or high pitched and squeaky. A little heads up here, not much actually happens! Then there is the slightly less highbrow version, if that's at all possible, where the narrator uses actual dolls or figures to play out the drama. Yes, it's as awful as it sounds!

Finally, there's gameplay - This is banned in our house. As the name suggests, it involves watching someone else play a video game, whilst offering a running commentary over the top. "And if we just head around this corner, we should find the hideous two headed War Lord, charging at us with his fireball torch. "Aaaaarrrrrgggghhhh, run for your lives!" Not only is it unhealthy for the kid's eyes, but it makes one feel horribly motion sick. I don't know how their brains can handle it. Take Roblox for instance; I have no problem with the kids actually playing the game (we are very strict about letting them communicate with other players and they're only permitted to play certain pre-agreed genres, mainly building virtual houses or choosing outfits from a virtual Shopping Mall. The Son is particularly keen on this. Should I be concerned?) I can understand the enjoyment experienced in playing the game, but watching someone else play, when you have absolutely no control over what they're doing or the choices they make? I just don't get it!

Can anyone explain this to me? Am I missing something? Leave me a comment below.

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