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In which I go live on Social Media

Updated: May 3, 2020


So, I have finally bitten the bullet and the Blog is now live on Social Media. You can follow it on #Twitter #Facebook #Pinterest #Instagram #LinkedIn #Bloglovin #WixApp and #Tumblr. Not bad for someone who was allergic to Social Media until a couple of weeks ago. It's not been easy, I can tell you. I've spent many an afternoon bashing my head against the desk and moaning very loudly. There has been a lot of tutting and eye rolling from me. (I don't know why, the Husband is in the man cave at the bottom of the garden and the kids are glued to the tablets downstairs! Maybe it's just a form of release, or a plea that someone will hear my struggles and come to my aid. As we are in lockdown, this is unlikely, but you never know...)

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