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Updated: May 3, 2020

The idea behind the Blog, how it came about and who the hell am I?


Welcome to Witty Written Word. An unfiltered, imperfect, but truthful and humourous look at modern life for your average person. One who plods through each day, doing the best they can. Making mistakes and laughing at themselves. One who isn't living the dream, but dreams anyway. One who doesn't take home a huge salary, but over-spends anyway. One who imagines themselves to be sophisticated and organised, but goes out with lipstick on their teeth, having slammed the front door shut with the key still inside...

The idea behind the Blog

I'd had enough of scrolling through social media, staring at people's perfect pictures, perfect days out, perfect jobs, families, holidays...

Four years ago I closed down my personal Facebook account for (the second) and final time. I'd had enough of staring at people's perfect pictures, perfect days out, perfect jobs, families, holidays... I'd had enough of people whinging about what they did or didn't have. Who and what had upset them. Trying to talk in code and be blatant at the same time. I am not a pessimist, a grouch or a particularly jealous person. I just came to the realisation that I was wasting too much time. The final straw came when it dawned on me that, I too, had started filtering my life. Posting a rose-tinted version of my existance. This was not the truth. This was not me. I decided I needed to stop.

How the Blog came about

I've been dreaming about this Blog and writing in general for a very long time

We are, at present, in the throws of the COVID-19 outbreak. What seemed a mild and distant threat a few months, even, weeks ago, now has the UK gripped in it's claws and so, like many others, I find myself unable to go to work and stuck indoors with many days ahead of me. This is by no means a holiday. I still have children to school, entertain, feed and generally enrich (I'm not kidding. This word had been emphasised in emails from my Son's School). I still have housework to keep on top of and a Husband who thinks that this is the perfect time to decorate our living room. (Although I now have nowhere to send the kids to get them out from under my feet). Nonetheless, this is a great opportunity for me to start the Blog and become the freelance writer that I've dreamed of becoming for a very long time.

This Blog is not about slating Influencers, youTubers, social media stars. I love Bloglovin'. I am subscribed to many channels on youTube. Pinterest is my go-to for inspiration regarding fashion and home decor. I too enjoy gazing at idyllic tropical beaches, perfectly executed outfits, new makeup inspiration, shoes, shoes and more shoes. It's more about wanting to share what is real. Real life is very rarely displayed on social media and it can become quite depressing scrolling through endless perfection. I have been through many periods of anxiety and depression in my life, often fuelled by an idea of what I thought I should be achieving and aspiring to. After a particularly bad patch roughly four years ago, I began to seek a new approach and outlook on life. I found I was a lot happier without the intrusion of social media, but, like many people, I enjoy sharing with my friends, supporting one another, offering advise and asking for it in return and that's what I'd like this Blog to be about.

Who the hell am I?

My name is Clare. I live in Somerset with my Husband and two children. My family run an old fashioned Pub in a small town, full of interseting people and a fascinating heritage. As a Barmaid you see and hear everything. You are trusted with so much and it's a priveledge. People share things with you that they wouldn't neccessarily share with anyone else. I've had many a grown man cry on my shoulder. I've joined people in celebrating a new job or home, welcoming a child into their family, a significant birthday. I've consolled people during breakups, illness and assisted people in planning a Wake for their loved ones. Sometimes people want my advice, my opinion, or just for me to listen. I can honestly say that the 15 years that I've spent behind the bar have been the most educational of my life. It's here that I've learned what's important and what isn't. I've developed quite a thick skin, a filthy sense of humour and an excellent knowledge of alcoholic beverages and I want to share these things with you...

I'd love to hear a little bit about you too. Why not introduce yourself in the comments section below.

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